Premium PET Bottles

Product Description

When it comes to performance, Freshly Squeezed’s PET 2, 2.5, 4, 8, 12, 16, 32 and 64 ounce bottles are the ones to shine through. In the recent years the clear bottle trend has become a gold standard for packaging premium cold pressed juices all over the country. Compared to HDPE and other bottles, our PET bottles have the highest clarity level and structural stability available. The difference is remarkable. Thanks to our PET bottles’ glass-like transparency, contents with vibrant colors, like juices, easily stand out in your display. Proper packaging and display can double or even triple juice sales.
We also provide custom molds, so your bottle looks unique with an option of your logo embossed on a side

Ergonomic & French Square

64 oz bottles (792/pallet)
32 oz bottles (1540/pallet)
16 oz Bottle (320/case, 3520/pallet)
12 oz Bottle (456/case, 5016/pallet)
8 oz Bottle (480/case, 5760/pallet)
Boston Round
16 oz bottle (372/case, 3720/pallet)
12 oz bottle (420/case, 4200/pallet)
10 oz bottle (482/case, 5302/pallet)
8 oz bottle (723/case, 5784/pallet)
4 oz bottle (650/case, 7800/pallet)
2.5oz bottle (1000/case, 12000/pallet)
2 oz Bottle (1120/case, 13440/pallet)
Size (oz)

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We have been in business for 9 years specializing in juicing and commercial kitchen equipment.  Because of our experience, we are able to "hand pick" only the best equipment to get our customers the best value.  Our product line includes automatic citrus juicers, centrifugal juicers, food preparation equipment, display cases, refrigeration equipment, coffee makers, beverage dispensers and slush machines.  We are an authorized dealer for some of the world's leading manufactures including Zummo, Sammic, Nutrifaster, Zumonat, Ugolini, Sencotel, Wega, ITV and Infrico.  We also sell the Freshly Squeezed line of cold press juicing equipment which are known for their fantastic yields at a price that can't be beat by the competition. 

We currently serve a broad clientele including restaurants, grocery stores, juice bars, coffee bars, bakeries, cruise lines, and hotels.  

The eKitchenConnect team prides itself on  providing the best equipment on the market at great prices.  Our team is always just an e-mail or phone call away to share our knowledge to answer any questions you may have to make the best purchase for your individual business needs.  

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