Zumex Versatile - Self Service Pro (Z250)

Product Description

The juicer can come as a counter top model or on a podium. The feeder capacity is 22 lb of fruit. The juicer podium comes with an adjustable tray to hold and fill bottles of various sizes. The rate of extraction is 27 fruits per minute which is 0.5 gal of freshly squeezed juice per minute.

Zumex Versatile Self-Service PRO programmable juicer allows operator to simply push one button and continue to serve customers – juicer will squeeze programmed number of fruits and will automatically stop.

Special features:

Touch-Control Panel
Graphic Display with communication interface that shows users at all times the status of the machine.
Multifunctional: Professional & Self-Service

> Professional : Allows you to program the number of oranges you want to process in each cycle, with arrow keys, you can program up to 20 oranges in each cycle or select the option ‘c’ to squeeze continuously. The juice extraction operation starts when ‘ON’ is pressed and ends once the programmed number of oranges has been processed or by pressing ‘OFF’.
> Self-service : The machine is started by activating the self-service tap by either pressing the tap or activating the lever. This mode allows you to work continuously by turning the tap lock 90 °.

Fruit counters
>Partial counter: Shows the number of fruits processed; can be set to zero.
>Total counter: Shows all the fruits processed during the life of the appliance; the number cannot be deleted.
>Count down device (Discounter): Allows to program a specific number of fruits and gradually use them up. You can choose the discounter to be visible or not.
Two access levels
>Owner – Password protected complete access
>User – Operative limited access that allows no programming

Anti-dripping tap
The machine is started by activating the tap in the self-service mode or by either pressing the tap or activating the lever. It can work continuously by turning the tap lock 90 °.
New podium available in 3 colors
New easy to clean high density polymer podium with a large capacity waste trolley that makes the disposal of the peels very comfortable and simple.
Use when demand for juice is : medium
Best used for : All kinds of food service businesses and small retail businesses (supermarkets, fruit shops)
Available accessories :
Squeezing Kit D-65 for limes and lemons; Zumex display


Production 27 fruits/min
Feeder Capacity 22 lb
Fruit Diameter Up to 81 mm.
Height 62”
Width 19”
Depth 22”
Weight 174 lb
Safety Double magnetic safety detector. Electronic motor protection.
Tray Capacity 34 oz
Programmer Full programming capabilities
Operation Sensor display
Podium Optional. Available in 3 colors.
Motor Single Phase
Power 300 W
Voltage 115 V/60 Hz.
Antihumidity Protection IP-X4
Available finishes Orange, Silver, Graphite


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