FS-20 PLUS Cold Juice Press

Product Description

The FS-20 PLUS hydraulic juice press is our advance version of the discontinued FS-20 model and is the next step up from our FS-12 juice press model. The FS-20 PLUS cold juice press is our smallest cold press with a built-in shredder and is capable of producing 20-30 gallons of juice per hour. It can fit into the tightest of spaces and still produce up to 30 gallons of juice per hour. The pressing plates have been increased from 10 x 10 in. on the FS-20 model to 15 x 15 in. on FS-20 PLUS thus increasing the manufacturing capacity by 2.25 times.

The FS-20 PLUS press is capable of producing hundreds of bottles of cold pressed juice a day and can handle any vegetable, fruit, leafy green, grass, herb and nut. The FS-20 PLUS press has all the necessary certifications to make any health department happy and is perfect for juice bars, health food stores, juice cleansing facilities and other small to medium juicing operations.

Despite its compact size, the FS-20 PLUS is extremely robust and powerful with a 3 HP motor and the force of 12,400 lbs applied in each squeeze. The juice produced contains less than 1% solids, so no extra filtering is necessary. Vertical squeezebox design allows for even pressure on the product. FS commercial hydraulic juice presses squeeze more gently than other methods. This means juice is extracted without over-crushing cells or creating unwanted heat.

Commissioned by juicing industry specialists who understand the needs of a modern juicing consumer, the FS-20 PLUS press has many unique features like wash down design allowing spraying of the whole machine while cleaning, electropolished surface providing an easy-to-clean coating, wavy pressing plates ensuring better distribution of the applied force on the product in the bag avoiding bag “bursts”, and 2 emergency stop buttons – on both sides of the press.

The shredder is equipped with an additional bearing as well as the 11 lb disc plate ensuring the stability of the shredder and the minimal load on the motor. The shredder’s controls are located on the common control panel with the press controls.

All models of our FS cold juice presses conform to ANSI/NSF Standard 8 and has the sticker to prove it for your health department inspection. This means you can visually verify that all surfaces are clean. We also weld our seams and don’t use “bolt together” construction methods that create crevices and require silicone sealants that eventually wear and can end up in your juice. In addition holes and crevices are hard to clean and could harbor bacteria. We don’t use gaskets that wear and shed as a shedding gasket ends up in your juice. We went the extra mile when we created our FS presses. We didn’t cut corners. Some techs have told us that our equipment is put together better than some airplanes they have worked on!


  • Juice bars
  • Small juice cleanse businesses
  • Produce markets
  • Health food stores
  • Fitness centers, resorts and spas

FS-20 Plus Press

Output 20-30 Gal per hour

Force: 12,400 lbs

1.5 Gal oil reservoir

Power: 20 Amp, 220 V, Singe phase; 3HP motor

Net Weight: 445 Lbs

Dimensions: 34" x 27.5" x 66.5"

2 Emergency stop buttons

L6-20P Plug and Cord

1 Cord for both press and grinder

Designed for wet environments

Smalles footprint for up to 30 Gal/hr production

Built in Grinder: 

9' German-made grinding blades

0-3600 RPM

Simple speed control

Safety interlock on grinder tube

100% sanitary wash-down construction

Comes with 3 blades

Extra bearing

11lb shredder plate

Common control panel for shredder and press

Stainless steel plunger

Available with or without shredder

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