FS-120 Cold Juice Press

Product Description

The FS-120 hydraulic juice press is the entry level industrial juice press. It is great for a two man juicing operation and is capable to produce up to 240 gallons of juice per hour. Two press zones and a movable shredder (watch video) create a continuous juicing cycle when one section can be pressed, while the other is being filled with the shredded produce.  The difference between the FS-60 commercial juice press and the FS-120 model is that the FS-120 has 2 bag zones on each pressing side, allowing for pressing in 2 bags simultaneously on each side. The FS-120 model produces as much juice as competing 8-12 layer presses. The FS-120 can handle any vegetable, fruit, leafy green, grass, herb and nut with a yield up to 86% of the weight of the product pressed.  The FS-120 press has all the necessary certifications to make any health department happy and is perfect for juice bottling plants, cider production, and high-volume juicing operations.

Commissioned by juicing industry specialists who understand the needs of a modern juicing consumer, the FS-120 cold press has many unique features:

  • Wash down design allowing spraying of the whole machine while cleaning.
  • Electropolished surface providing an easy-to-clean coating.
  • Wavy pressing plates ensuring better distribution of the applied force on the product in the bag from top to bottom instead of side to side avoiding bag “bursts” and producing higher yield.
  • 2 emergency stop buttons – on both sides of the press.
  • 4 sets of over-sized pressing platens 20 x 20 in.
  • Welded easy-to-clean seams as opposed to “bolt together” construction methods that create crevices and require silicone sealants a subject to wear and tears.

The FS-120 is extremely robust and powerful with the force of 14,000 lbs applied in each squeeze versus 4,000 offered by its competitors.  You can imagine the difference in yield.  The juice produced contains less than 1% solids, so no extra filtering is necessary.

As on our FS-20 PLUS , FS-30 PLUS and FS-60 Cold Press models, the shredder on the FS-120 is equipped with an additional bearing as well as the 11 lb disc plate ensuring the stability of the shredder and the minimal load on the motor. The FS-120 swiveling shredder is located between the two sets of double pressing platens and could be used with either side at any point. The shredder and press controls are located on the common control panel for easy operation.

The FS-120, as well as all FS cold presses were designed to keep the operator safe. The FS-120 grinder has a safety interlock. The grinder can not operate without the feeding tube in place. The FS presses also have safety guards, 2 emergency stops, circuit protection on all the motors, wet environment plug and cord, and main electrical disconnect. These are some of our advantages over the competition.

The FS-120 and other FS press models is NSF compliant, INTERTEK approved and made in the USA.

    Output: 60 – 240 Gal / Hr 9″ German-made grinding blade
    Force: 14000 lbs x 4 0 – 3600 RPM
    4.75 Gal oil reservoir Simple speed control
    Power: 20 Amp, 220 Volt, single phase; 3HP motor Safety interlock on grinder tube
    Net Weight: 1100 Lbs 100% sanitary wash-down construction
    Dimensions:  64 x 38 x 70 in. Comes with 3 blades
    Emergency stop buttons on both sides Extra bearing
    L6-20P Plug and cord  Common control panel for shredder and press
    1 cord for both press and grinder
    Designed for wet environments
    Smallest footprint for up to 240 Gal/hr production


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